Sunday, August 31, 2014

What's Your Hair Type?

Do you know what your hair type is? My hair type is type 2B wavy.

There's 4 hair types:
        Type 1- straight hair
        Type 2- wavy hair
        Type 3- curly hair
        Type 4- coily/ kinky hair

Description of the different  hair types

Type 1- straight hair type
Your hair is basically straight with little to no volume. For this hair type its best to avoid oily products. Straight hair is usually normal to oily and could be thin, medium, or thick.

Quick tips for hair type 1:
   1) aloe is a good natural conditioner for this hair type.
   2) Make sure to wash often due to oiliness. Greasy straight hair looks limper.
   3) Do not use conditioner on the roots of your hair as this tends to weigh the hair down. Just use     on  the bottom of the hair to smooth out the hair cuticles.
   4) Do not use a plastic comb because this will make the hair frizzy and staticy. Use a metal comb instead.

Type 2- Wavy hair type
This hair type is slightly "S" shaped. 2A tends to be fine and thin with lots of sheen. 2B tends to be a bit wavier and more resistant to styling. It also gets frizzier. 2C is thick wavy hair that's a bit coarser. This hair type is also frizzier and even more resistant to styling than 2A and 2B hair types.
Quick tips for hair type 2:
   1) Use a sulfate free shampoo/cleanser.
   2) Use gels and mousses that enhance waves instead of weighing them down.
   3) Use a heat protecting cream before straightening.

Type 3- curly hair type
This hair type is a much more defined springy curl. 3A curls are big and loose with lots of shine. 3B hair types are springy bouncy ringlets. Its a bit coarser than 3A hair types with less shine. 3C hair types are very voluminous with tighter curls like corkscrews. The curls could be kinky.

Quick tips for hair type 3:
   1) Cowashing  is most ideal for type 3 hair types.
   2) If you don't mind cowashing, choose a conditioner made with  natural oils.
   3) Try to finger comb your hair to avoid damage and breakage.

Type 4- curly/kinky:
This hair type could range from fine to wiry  and coarse. This hair type is more prone to
damage from combing, brushing, straightening, and blow drying. It is more brittle and drier. 4A is tightly curled with "S" shape pattern. It retains more moisture than 4B hair types. The hair can be wiry and is very fragile. 4B has a "z" pattern with a less defined curl pattern. It has a cotton like feel to it. It is very wiry and tightly coiled. This hair type is very very  fragile. 4B hair shrinks up to 75% of actual hair length. 4C can shrink more than 75%. The coils are tightly kinked.

Quick tips for type 4 hair types:
   1) Cowashing is ideal for this hair type.
   2) You should use hair butters and creams.
   3) You should deep condition frequently like every 3 days to ensure healthy looking hair.
   4) I f you prefer to wash with a shampoo, use a sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo.

Hope this article is helpful to helping you understand  your hair type and utilize the hair tips.
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